What ways to focus do you use when you’re feeling distracted? We have all been there, and some of us have been there more than most: You have tasks you need to get done, but as hard as you try, you just can’t dedicate your focus to them. While this is natural, it isn’t good for your bottom line, which means you need to find ways to focus. Below are some tricks to help you stay on task throughout your day.

Ways to Focus When You're Distracted


Ways to Focus When You’re Distracted

Start Your Day with Physical Activity

Oftentimes we struggle to focus because we simply have too much energy. If you start the day by burning some of that energy off, you should find yourself better able to focus throughout the day. And, if needed, you can always take a couple short breaks throughout the day to get in a little more exercise to keep you on track.

Map Your Day

Sometimes all you need is some structure. If you map out your day—including exercise, lunch breaks, and specific work tasks—you will find it easier to focus on one item at a time instead of worrying about what you should do next.

Use Alarms

This is a trick that many teachers use to get their reluctant students to work. Decide how long the task should take, then set an alarm. Dedicate yourself to being completely done by the time that alarm goes off. This helps you internalize time management and makes it easy to tunnel vision on the current task.

Schedule in Down Time

Sometimes, your inability to concentrate is because you just need a break. Instead of pushing yourself all day, schedule in breaks for yourself. Do this when you map your day to ensure you do not skip them.

Use Parental Controls

We all have our digital vices. If you find yourself on Facebook instead of getting work done, use your parental controls to block it. Once it is no longer an option, the temptation will be gone.

Do you have other tricks you use to keep yourself on task? Share them with us!

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March 29, 2016

Ways to Focus When You’re Distracted

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