Can your teen work online? Does your teen ask you for money pretty often? No doubt you answered yes. And while conventional wisdom would state that your child should get a job to pay their own way—at least to a degree—that isn’t always so simple. If you live somewhere that driving is required to work, it can be difficult to ensure your child can get to where they need to be. Not to mention the demands of school work and extracurricular really cut into working hours.

Can your teen work online?

Can Your Teen Work Online?

If you work online, you might have wondered if your teen could also use the World Wide Web to bring in a little extra money. Well, the answer is yes, he or she could work online to make some money. As with anything done online, you should make certain you are monitoring it and that your teen is being safe, but you might just discover that it is the perfect solution for your child. Check out some ways your teen can earn money online.


Etsy is an online marketplace that allows your teen—or anyone, really—to sell their art or crafts online. If your child has artistic talent, this can be a great way to go. Try to focus on passive income, such as digital prints, that your child can create once and sell over and over again. This will allow your teen to earn money without needing to distract too much from other activities.

Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is a site that lets you make money by listening to and reviewing music. No special skills are required, and the pay is per track. It is a good way to earn money in a pretty casual manner and is open to anyone starting at the age of 17.


Enroll is a site that offers online tutoring. From 15 and up, your child can help tutor others in the subjects he or she excels in. The pay is good and the job doesn’t necessarily require much in the way of prepping for tutoring session, so it is an excellent option for those who don’t have tons of time to dedicate to working.


Fiverr is a site where users can advertise services they are willing to offer for five dollars. Your child can decide what he or she is good at and create listings. When someone is interested in the service, they will hire your teen and your child will need to complete the task in the given time frame. Your child can decline work, allowing him or her to control their workload.


This site is centered around testing websites and apps for their usability. As long as your child has reached the age of consent in your state, he or she can work here evaluating sites and apps.

Do you know of other opportunities for teens to work online? Share them in the comments.

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April 4, 2016

Can Your Teen Work Online?

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