Will working from home kill your social life? As adults, it can be difficult to make friends. When we are children, all of our classmates are potential buddies who we can hang out with at recess and after school. But then adulthood hits, and for the majority of us, work is the only place we really meet people.

Will Working From Home Kill Your Social Life?

Will Working From Home Kill Your Social Life?

But if you switch to working from home, you don’t have any coworkers to bond with. However, this doesn’t have to mean your social life is being given a death sentence. Plenty of us who work from home have fulfilling social lives—it just takes more to maintain them. Below are some tricks to keeping your social life active when working from home.

Work to Maintain the Friendships You Have

Look at the friends you have right now; just because you are switching to home-based work doesn’t mean you cannot stay connected with them. If you mainly socialized with them on your lunch breaks, schedule a weekly lunch together. Can’t make it to them? Then try coffee dates over Skype. You can also start planning fun events once a month for everyone to get together; not only will you get to keep those friendships, but your efforts will make life a little more fun for everyone involved.

Get to Know Others Who Work at Home

Working at home is becoming more and more common. And that means there are many people in the same boat as you. Look for ways to meet others working from home, in your area or wherever they might be. You can get to know each other online or in person, and can even schedule in chat breaks throughout the day.

Socialize Outside of Work

Finally, seek out other opportunities to meet people. Volunteer somewhere that interests you, join some clubs or parenting groups, or get more involved in your current activities, such as church. There are plenty of ways to get to know people once you make the effort.

So, as you can see, working from home doesn’t have to kill your social life; it just means you need to take a new approach to meeting with and making friends.

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April 6, 2016

Will Working From Home Kill Your Social Life?

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