Do you know how to create your ideal daily schedule? Most of us struggle with scheduling tasks, and when you work from home, it gets even harder. Unlike with office jobs, all the direction is on you. And that means all the opportunities for failure are also on you. Creating the ideal daily schedule for you is highly individual. What works for some won’t work for you; what works for you won’t work for other. Not to mention all the variables at hand related to the specific tasks you must complete.

How to Create Your Ideal Daily Schedule

How to Create Your Ideal Daily Schedule

So while we cannot suggest an exact schedule for you, there are some general guidelines that most can apply, resulting in an excellent schedule for them. Check out these guidelines below.

What Hours Work for You?

Start with the right hours of operation. If you work a flexible job—say, freelance writing—you can pretty much choose the hours you want to work each day. If your job is more structures, you may not have a lot of choice.

If you do have some flexibility, consider a variety of factors: when you are most alert, when your home is the calmest, when you can most easily access the resources you need. Based on these factors, set your working hours.

Which Tasks Must Start and End Your Day?

With most jobs, there are a few tasks you simply must start and end your workday with. This might be checking emails, applying to jobs, or posting on social media. Whatever these tasks might be, schedule them before you fit in anything else, as this will help you frame the rest of your schedule.

Which Tasks Are the Most Difficult to Power Through?

We all have those tasks that leave us feeling a little more drained than others. It could be that they are so involved, they just take all of our resources. Or maybe they are so boring that we just feel depleted once done. Whatever your tasks are, schedule these before you schedule those that are easier or more energizing to do. Ask yourself what you need to complete them. Do you need more energy? Do you need a break when they are done? This will help you determine where to place them.

Speaking of Breaks, When Do You Need Them?

What times of day do you find yourself tired or anxious? Identify these moments and schedule in breaks. These can be short breaks of 5-15 minutes, or longer breaks if that works for you. You can keep these breaks open or you can assign specific tasks to them, such as doing yoga or getting in some cardio.

Now, Fill in the Rest

Once you have these items placed into your schedule, you should be able to fill in the rest of your day. And just like that, you should have the ideal schedule for you.

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April 7, 2016

How to Create Your Ideal Daily Schedule

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