Do you use these great Spotify playlists for your work day? We all enjoy listening to music, and it is something that can certainly make our work days better. However, not just any music will do; you want to make sure you are picking the right soundtrack for the task at hand. Below are some great Spotify playlists to listen to at various points during your workday.

Great Spotify Playlists for Your Work Day

Great Spotify Playlists for Your Work Day

When You Need to Concentrate

Try “Ambient/Drone/Nosie” by stevenfiddaman – One of the leaders in Ambient music, Brian Eno, noted that this style of music “must be as ignorable as it is interesting.” This style of music is designed to speak to your subconscious, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without distraction while still enhancing your environment. This music is wordless and is not composed in the same way as traditional music, making it a wonderful soundtrack to those moments when you really need to concentrate. Looking for a specific artist? Try Brian Eno.

When You Need Pop Music without Distraction

Try “2CELLOS The Studio Albums” by 2cellosofficial – This playlist has all of the songs from 2CELLOS’ albums. They specialize in taking popular songs and adapting them to be played by just, you guessed it, two cellos. The result is music that is fun, yet also relaxing. It allows you to combine pop and classical music in a way that is truly enchanting. Looking to branch out? Search for “instrumental pop” on Spotify.

When You Need to Unwind

Try “Relax and Unwind” by Spotify – This playlist has all sorts of songs that will help to wash the stress away. Ideal for those moments when you can feel the tension building within you, when you put this playlist on, you will find yourself starting to relax. If the lyrics distract you, search for a meditation playlist instead. Looking for a specific genre? Try Tip-Hop.

When You Need to Get Pumped Up

Try “Energy Boosting Beats” by Spotify – It may not be the best to listen to while you are working, but it is great for those moments when you need to get your energy back up so you can tackle what is ahead of you. When you are feeling tired, crank up the volume and play a few songs from this playlist. It also doubles as an excellent workout mix. Looking for a specific album? Try out Nothing but the Beat by David Guetta.

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April 8, 2016

Great Spotify Playlists for Your Work Day

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