What are some ways to get active during the day? If you work a desk job, and most of us do, staying active throughout the day can be a struggle. And we aren’t just talking about getting in a good workout—we are talking about essential activity. Our sedentary lifestyle has led to increased health problems, even in those who seem young and fit. So if you are going to be your best, you need to work on getting active during the day. Below are five simple ways you can accomplish this without ever letting your work suffer.

5 Ways to Get Active During the Day

5 Ways to Get Active During the Day

Set a Reminder

The LEAF by Bellabeat is ideal for this. You go into the app and tell the device how long you can be resting before it vibrates to remind you to move a bit. This doesn’t mean getting up and going for a jog; the LEAF celebrates every little bit of movement you get in throughout the day. It can help you with item number two.

Make a Step Goal

You want to walk two miles every day, but you just don’t have a block of time to do it all at once. No worries; just be sure to get enough steps in throughout the day. In between tasks, get up and take a walk up and down the stairs, or just walk a lap or two around the room. Every little bit counts, and hopefully will add up to allow you to reach your goal.

Schedule in Short Bursts of Exercise

Don’t have 30 minutes? That is okay; there are options that can be fit into breaks as short as 7 minutes. There are plenty of workouts that require to special clothes are equipment, making them ideal for your work day.

Pace When Possible

With many of these activities, you do them when you have a free moment, no matter how brief. But pacing can be done while working. As you conference call, as you brainstorm, and you voice record, you can pace back and forth, getting in some steps and increasing your heart rate.

Embrace Stretching

Do simple stretches or channel your inner yogi. No matter what route you go, stretching is incredibly good for you, getting the blood flowing and working your muscles. Much like walking, every little bit counts, so be sure to stretch throughout your day.

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April 15, 2016

5 Ways to Get Active During the Day

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