Are you considering selling your site? If so take a look at these tips for selling a blog first. If you have so much as glanced at HGTV in recent years, you know that people buy and flip houses for money. What you might not be aware of is that there are people who do the same thing to blogs. They either buy a small one and build it up before selling it or they create it from scratch and turn it for a profit once it starts generating real income.

Tips for Selling a Blog

Tips for Selling a Blog

If you have a blog that has a documented revenue stream, this might be an option for you. If your blog is a true labor of love and something you are quite attached to, you should probably reconsider. However, if your goal is to keep growing, this might be what you need. Below are five tips for selling your blog.

Know Its Worth

Do you know what your blog is worth? There is a simple formula to determine this. Take your average monthly income generated by the blog and multiple it by 24 to get the high end of what it is worth. To get the low end, multiply by 12. You can expect that the price you sell it for will fall somewhere in between.

Depersonalize It

How much “you” is in your blog? Too much and it just isn’t sellable. If you are your blog are intimately tied together, it won’t work to have someone else taking over. To get ready for the sale, start working on removing yourself from the blog, even by going back and editing old entries.

Be Ready to Sign Over Social Media Accounts

When someone purchases a blog, they want the whole business, not just the blog itself. You have to be ready to sign over any social media accounts that you have so your buyers can keep interacting with your followers. If your social media accounts for your blog are linked to your personal accounts, you may have some trouble with this.

Be Sure It Has its Own Domain Name

If you haven’t done it already, get a unique URL for your blog—no .Blogspot or .Weebly or whatever service you use. When a blog doesn’t have its own URL, it isn’t likely to sell.

Head to Flippa

Once your blog is ready to sell, head over to Flippa, one of the only marketplaces where these unique transactions take place. Do your research before you jump in, but chances are good you will be very happy with your sale.

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April 19, 2016

Tips for Selling a Blog

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