Trying to work? These activities to occupy your preschooler will help give you the quiet time you need to complete your project. For many of us who work from home for a living, our kids are a big reason why we chose this lifestyle. However, they can also be a big hindrance to it when they are just needing a little extra attention. Shooing them off can be painful for all involved, but it will be easier when you have activities to keep them busy.

5 Activities to Occupy Your Preschooler So You Can Work

5 Activities to Occupy Your Preschooler So You Can Work

Lucky, as children get older, this gets easier. If you have a preschooler, there are lots of activities that can keep your child occupied. Below are just five ideas that can work for you.

Sorting Objects

Grab a box and start putting things inside. Come up with different ways these items can be sorted: color, size, shape, room of the house, letter of the alphabet, etc. Then, ask your child to sort them. You can try sorting them all different ways, and if your child is still up for it, ask him or her to go gather up their own box. Depending on this child, this can last quite a while.

Jenga with Sponges

Kids love building the tallest towers possible, and parents hate the way their heart skips a beat as they start to fall. But a safe way to do this is with dish sponges. You have to do a little work in advance cutting them into Jenga block strips, but that is all the work you need to do. Encourage your child to build the tallest possible tower, then try removing the blocks Jenga style.

Create a Book

Get plain paper, fold it, and staple it into a book. Let your child create the illustrations, then you can write the words together later on that day. This is the perfect way to keep your child busy when needed, and then bond when you have more time.

Create a Busy Box

Remember the sorting box from earlier? Well, you can make this in the same way. In fact, it could just be the same stuff. Gather up safe items for your child to play with and let his or her imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless.

Practice Cutting and Tracing

These are important skills for school, so why not let your child practice them at home. Cutting and tracing are fun, and with supervision, a perfectly fine busy time activity.

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April 20, 2016

5 Activities to Occupy Your Preschooler So You Can Work

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