Do you need tips for a pinnable photo? Pinterest can be a great way to drive traffic back to your blog—if you have the right photos. The problem with a pinnable photo is that it is more than just pretty; it has to grab people as they scroll and make them want to click. An attractive photo is great. In fact, it is necessary. But a pinnable photo is much more than that. Below are 4 things you should do to ensure you have a pinnable photo for your blog.

4 Tips for a Pinnable Photo for Your Blog

4 Tips for a Pinnable Photo for Your Blog

Add in Text

How often do you actually read the comments on pins anymore? Most of us treat them as white noise since so few pinners change them as they pin. If words are going to grab a pinner, they have to be on the photo.

You don’t want these words to overwhelm the image, but they should make it clear to those browsing just exactly what the topic is on the page hosting the picture. Simple, concise, and right to the point are your goals here.

Connect it with the Content

The picture you choose should relate directly back to the content. The picture sets the expectations of your reader, and your content must follow through. When it does, you may have converted someone into a returning visitor. When it doesn’t, you lose the trust of everyone who clicks on that pin.

Brand It

We all do it: Save Now, Read Later! And how many of us actually go back and read them? Yeah, not many. But when you brand the photo—just include the name of your blog in small print—you put your name, your brand, into the minds of these readers.

Nothing Wider Than 554 Pixels

Anything wider than 554 pixels will be resized by Pinterest, making the photo look terrible. You have seen those awful, distorted pins, but you have likely never clicked on them. And other people don’t either. Keep your width at or below 554 pixels to ensure your photos look their best.

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April 21, 2016

4 Tips for a Pinnable Photo for Your Blog

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