Could you use tips for saving time when blogging? From the outside, it might seem silly to complain about not having enough time for blogging; too many, blogging is something you do for fun and it couldn’t possibly take that much time. But for serious bloggers, especially those who monetize their blog, it can quickly become a full-time job. To help make the most of your venture without sacrificing your free time, try these tips for saving time when blogging.

Tips for Saving Time When Blogging

Tips for Saving Time When Blogging

Create a Posting Schedule

The majority of time lost to blogging is in the pre-writing stage. We struggle with getting started, but once we do, things tend to go pretty well. One way you can cut down on time lost to prewriting is to create a posting schedule. Pick themes for each day or each week, and then start filling them in with potential topics. Then, when it is time to write, you simply go in order.

Outline and Brainstorm in the Post

If you start on your posting schedule, then move to, say, Evernote for brainstorming, then Word for outlining, and then finally write the post using the blogging platform, you are complicating things with no reason. Once you are past the posting schedule phase, do everything inside of your post. You can create drafts and schedule them as soon as you make the posting schedule, then outline and brainstorm within the post, cleaning everything up in time for publishing.

Pick a Productive Time

Set aside an hour or two every day for working on your blog. Pick the most productive time of day for you—those hours when you always seem to get the most done—and use them for writing and researching. If you do not try to most every day or every weekday, you could do this less often; find the rhythm that works for you.

Set a Timer

It is easy to get distracted while writing. You get a Facebook message, a new email comes in, you remember something you need to put on your shopping list—essentially, there are a lot of things that can distract you. To stop yourself, set a timer, and for the duration of that timer, you do nothing but work on your blog posts. You will be amazed at how much you get done.

Do you have some tips for saving time when blogging? Share them with us!

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April 25, 2016

Tips for Saving Time When Blogging

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