Can you identify the ways to tell you need a break from working? Even when you love your job, burnout is possible. And if you want to get back into the swing of things and start enjoying your job again, you have to turn things around before it gets to be too much. The problem is that many of us do not recognize the signs that we need a break from working, and instead, try to push through, making things worse. To ensure you do not push yourself towards burnout, look for these 5 signs that you need a break from working.

5 Ways to Tell You Need a Break from Working

5 Ways to Tell You Need a Break from Working

You Avoid Tasks or Dread Them (or Both)

This could mean that you are avoiding or dreading all tasks, or just specific ones. However, unless this is something very specific or universal—like having to clean the bathroom—it is a sign that you likely need a break. Getting a little time away can help these things feel less daunting and help you enjoy your job more.

You Start the Week Thinking About Friday

On Sunday night, you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. On Monday morning, you start thinking about Friday. And you spend the rest of your week doing a ritual countdown to when you are free. If this is how you are approaching your work week, it is time to step away and regroup.

You Think About Quitting

While there are perfectly legitimate reasons to quit a job, many of us will find ourselves contemplating it due to little more than boredom and slight dissatisfaction. A break will give you the chance to warm up to your job once more or come to a realization that it really is time to make a change.

You Aren’t Performing to Your Standards

Your boss is happy, the clients are happy, but when you look at your work, you aren’t happy. If you are failing to meet your own standards, a break could be just the thing to put the wind back in your sails and help you improve the quality of your work.

You Have Been Neglecting Other Areas of Your Life

Has work eclipsed everything else in your life? If you feel like your family, social life, and self-care are suffering because of work, take some time away to give special attention to these very important areas of your life. Also, use this time to think about how you can achieve greater balance once you return.

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April 28, 2016

5 Ways to Tell You Need a Break from Working

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