Looking for a great spring and summertime activity to do with your preschooler? Try gardening with your preschooler! Kids love getting outside and digging in the dirt, and by capitalizing on this interest, you can help them really connect with nature and teach them to be patient in their work.

A Quick Guide for Gardening with Your Preschooler

A Quick Guide for Gardening with Your Preschooler

But if you have never gardened with a child—or never gardened at all—you might be wondering how to approach this. Well, use our quick guide below to get started.

What to Plant

A Sunflower—or Two

This one is just so exciting for children, getting the chance to watch it grow so big and tall. And they are great for helping children get past their natural impatience since they will sprout within a week and can reach two feet tall in just a month.


This is a crop that grows relatively quickly and is easy for children to observe throughout the process. And if your child is veggie-resistant, it can be a great way to drum up excitement for eating salads at dinnertime. Your lettuce should be ready to eat in 40 to 50 days.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a great food for helping children learn to love fruits that aren’t so sweet as well as vegetables. Part of what makes them fun for children to grow, however, is the way they grow. You plant the seedlings near a stake and help them grow up the stakes as they mature. It is a very involved process for children and is quite the unique experience. Your cherry tomatoes should be ready to eat in 50-75 days.

Quick Tips

  • Give your child his or her own garden bed and decorate it so your child takes real pride in it.
  • Skip the kiddie tools. You want real tools that really work so your child doesn’t become frustrated; just look for those that work for your child’s size.
  • Make sure your child is part of the entire process, from preparing the ground for planting to eat the food once ready.
  • Show your pride in their efforts. When people come over, show their garden off.

Have you gardened with your child? Share your experience!

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April 29, 2016

A Quick Guide for Gardening with Your Preschooler

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