Which photo editing apps for your phone have you tried? Very few of us do not need the ability to take good photos. Even if it isn’t often, chances are you need to be able to take a good headshot or product photo at the very least. But unless you make your money from photography, you probably don’t want to spend too much money on supplies.

Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone That Really Work

Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone That Really Work

The good news is that you don’t have to. If you have a smartphone, you can take quality photos and edit them without spending a lot of money. Below are five different photo editing apps that are available for smartphones.


This app is amongst the most popular photo editing apps for smartphones. It reached its level of popularity due to the fact that it is very user-friendly while still offering an expansive toolbox for transforming your photos. You can stick with the basic photo processing techniques are experiment with the more advanced options to help yourself master them


This is both a camera app and a photo editing app. While there is a desktop application for VSCO, their app offers most of the important features that their desktop application has. Once again, this is a user-friendly app that allows amateurs to make their photos look anything but. It also offers unique filters to help you get a film-quality look.


Enlight is nice because it offers basic and advanced tools as most apps do while also adding in creative options that can allow you to create more artistic images. In this manner, it is a very comprehensive app. While it is intuitive in its design, the amount of options it has means that there is an inherent learning curve. However, dedicated Enlight users will tell you that it is worth it.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire offers basic photo editing tools that are easy for novice photo editors to use. The main reason it attracts attention is all the filters it offers. The Bonfire filter collection is far more extensive than most apps, so it is a good app to have even if you prefer another for general editing.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has really been upping their game with their mobile apps in the last few years and these two are the best for photo editing. Not only are they excellent apps, but you can sync them to their desktop counterparts, allowing you to work from multiple locations. Lightroom is easier to use while Photoshop Express is better for those getting serious about their photo editing skills.

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May 2, 2016

Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone That Really Work

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