Do you need to make a bit of extra money? These tips for having a garage sale will get you started the right way. You have things you don’t need and other people have money they would be happy to give you in exchange for those things. But to make this transaction, you need to open up shop. No matter what name you use—garage sale, yard sale, or tag sale—this is one of the best ways to bring in money and make your home feel cleaner. Below are a few tips to help ensure that yours is a success.

Tips for Having a Garage Sale

Tips for Having a Garage Sale

Create Simple Yet Eye-Catching Posters

Try using a free design tool such as Canva to do this. While some of their designs are overwhelming, if you opt for plain background and one of their fun font options, you will have a recipe for success. You can also let the kids make a few to hang up around the neighborhood, though they may be better off doing so by hand.

Organize by Stations

Think about the layout of a thrift store, where there are many different types of items for sale, but everything has its spot. You want to emulate this so it is easier for people to find what they are looking for. However, you can also use some Ikea engineering and put the most in-demand items in the back so that shoppers must walk by the other items, allowing them to be tempted into an impulse purchase.

Mark Your Prices

Don’t make people ask what the price is. This can backfire in two ways. First, someone may not really want to ask, so they will just put the items down and walk away, resulting in a lost sale. The second way it can backfire is that it opens the conversation, making all the more tempting for the shopper to try and talk down the price.

Be Reasonable with Your Prices

Forget whatever sentimental value your items have; this doesn’t translate into monetary value. Ask yourself what you would actually be willing to pay and use that price. And do not overprice telling yourself that it is worth it since some people might say yes and everyone else will haggle. Everyone else will not haggle; only a few people like to do this, the rest will just leave without purchasing.

Have Bags and Boxes on Hand

Is this one necessary? No, but it will result in happy customers, and might tempt them to buy more. So stock up before the big sale.

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May 2, 2016

Tips for Having a Garage Sale

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