If you’re considering selling on Etsy, these tips for opening your first Etsy shop will get you started.  For creative individuals, Etsy is the ultimate online marketplace. But getting started on Etsy can be overwhelming. Just the process of creating your shop can be enough to stress someone out. So to help you navigate the process, keep the tips below in mind.

Tips for Opening Your First Etsy Shop


Tips for Opening Your First Etsy Shop

Don’t Overthink Your Shop Name

When it comes to a physical storefront, a name is everything. But on Etsy, it really doesn’t matter all that much. Keep it simple and descriptive, but a utilitarian name is just fine. Just your name + what you sell is a perfectly fine formula.

Focus on Your Listings, Not Your Shop Design

You can lose days designing your shop. Don’t. Instead, focus on crafting your listings. In general, most people will not find your shop before they find your individual products, so the look of your shop doesn’t matter very much. A quality listing with high-quality descriptions, however, is everything. If you aren’t a wordsmith, hire someone to write your descriptions for you.

Take Excellent Photos

Etsy is all about arts and crafts, and most items falling under these categories will look awful without the right lighting. The biggest factor in making a sale is getting the click, and no one will click on an ugly photo. Read some online tutorials to get the hang of it yourself, or hire out once again.

Incorporate SEO

You want your listings to come back in searches, and that means that they need to be SEO optimized. Figure out the words and phrases people who would buy your product would use in their searches and incorporate them into your product names and descriptions.

Research Prices

You probably know you should not set your prices too high, but you might be surprised to find out that to Etsy, setting them too low is often worse, and not just in terms of the profit you make off of each sale. Research has shown that those with lower prices make fewer sales compared to those with the same or similar products listed at a higher price. So do your own research and find the middle to upper ground of prices and set your price there.

Start Small

You are better off doing one product and doing it well than creating many different sample products and making multiple listings. First, if you make more than one to start with, if things do not sell, you are out more time and money. Second, the more you can invest into a perfect first product, the more likely you are to start selling. To make people more likely to buy, you can offer different options on that single listing.

With these simple tips for opening your first Etsy shop in mind, you should be able to get started quite easily.

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May 9, 2016

Tips for Opening Your First Etsy Shop

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