Do you use apps to schedule your social media shares? Are you trying to make life simpler? One way to do so is to schedule your social media shares. This allows you to write them in bulk rather than carving out time each day, and you can perfectly time them to coincide with special events. Below are five different apps that allow you to schedule your social media shares.

5 Different Apps to Schedule Your Social Media Shares

5 Different Apps to Schedule Your Social Media Shares


Hootsuite is the most popular app for social media scheduling, and there is good reason for that. Hootsuite works with nearly all social media platforms and allows you to collaborate with others on your team. It also allows you to measure the results of your social media campaigns, making it a pretty comprehensive tool. Use the free version as you get started to see if it works for you.


Buffer is a very user-friendly option for social media scheduling. You write your posts and order them, then Buffer will post them for you with a certain interval in between them. You decide what you want that interval to be. This lets you schedule them without having to do so down to the minute or second.


IFTT is a more complex tool to use, but many individuals looking to make the most of their social media profiles will use it, either alone or with Hootsuite or Buffer to enhance their features. It makes it easy to automate sharing on the majority of social media sites, and can also help automate other forms of sharing, such as emails.


SocialOomph works with many social media sites as well as some blogging platforms. It goes further than some other options but offering certain functions, such as automatically following those who follow you. While it does allow you to schedule posts, many use it more for its productivity features.

Social Flow

Social Flow observes social media conversations to determine when the best and most relevant time to post your content is. This tool is used by large corporations as well as small businesses and bloggers. This one can get a little complicated, but with time and a few tutorials, you will be able to figure things out.

Do you have a different app that you use for social media scheduling? Tell us about it.

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May 10, 2016

5 Different Apps to Schedule Your Social Media Shares

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