Do you know how to set realistic goals? Feeling like you can do anything is a pretty great feeling, but being realistic about what you can and cannot accomplish will help you continue feeling good in the long run. It isn’t that you can’t accomplish everything you want to. It is just that the right approach makes your success more likely. Below are some tips to help you set realistic goals while working from home so that you are better able to achieve success.

How to Set Realistic Goals When Working from Home

How to Set Realistic Goals When Working from Home

Divide Personal and Professional Goals

When you combine the two, things can get messy. First, you can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of goals. Second, it sets the two up as being competition with each other. No one wants to decide between achieving a personal goal and achieving a professional one, so divide them to avoid this problem. And let’s face it: if we hold the two in competition, it is too easy to put those personal goals on the backburner, especially when they are specifically for us and not our families.

Scaffold Yourself

Don’t chase one big goal. Instead, break every big goal up into a series of smaller goals. It is easier to climb a ladder than jump onto the roof, right? That is the idea behind scaffolding your goals. In essence, start at the bottom with the easiest goals and then work your way up. Doing it this way feels less overwhelming, and it helps you organize your process. Step by step, you eventually achieve the larger goal.

Think Quality Over Quantity

It is easier to think that more is better, because who doesn’t want to achieve lots of things? Despite the fact that you are better off breaking your goals up into smaller ones, you also don’t want too many on your plate.

Focus on a few, quality goals, those that could really make a difference for you if you achieved them. You can always go for the more frivolous goals later on.

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May 11, 2016

How to Set Realistic Goals When Working from Home

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