Could you use tips to keep your clothing budget in check? Who doesn’t feel great in a new outfit? But that shopping high only lasts so long; then you have to pay your credit card bill or come to the harsh realization that you spent into your grocery budget. If you love clothing but need to keep your clothing budget in check, consider the 6 tips below.

6 Tips to Keep Your Clothing Budget in Check

6 Tips to Keep Your Clothing Budget in Check

Hit the Thrift Store

Yes, most of what you find here isn’t the best, but there will be gems for you to find. Many retailers will send their unsold items to local thrift shops, and not just the ugly items that never had a chance of selling. When seasons change and new lines are released, the last items from the previous collections must go, and they often go to the thrift stores. Not to mention that thrift shopping is hardcore shopping, so if part of your desire to buy new things is the fun of the hunt, you cannot do better than thrifting.

Purchase Quality Pieces and Repair

A major trap we fall into is purchasing cheaper clothing thinking it will save our budget. While it is cheaper in the moment, it will cost you in the long run. Quality pieces that have a long life mean that you do not need to spend money over and over again replacing them. Even a lower end designer piece will outlast cheaper clothing by years, if not decades. And when your clothes do have a problem, head to a tailor to repair them instead of replacing them. Over time, this will transform your clothing budget.

Read Up on How to Wash

Here is another way you can make your clothes last longer, no matter their quality. Proper washing will significantly extend the life of your clothes, saving you a lot of money over the years. Also, when you need to buy a new washer and dryer, read up on gentle options that will help your wardrobe extend its lifespan.

Simple Outfit, Fun Accessories

Fashion changes, but style is eternal, or so the saying goes. When it comes to your clothes, go for simple lines that never stop looking good. Then, purchase cheap accessories to dress them up and have fun. It is a much more affordable way to embrace trends.

Get into an Exchange Program

There are exchange programs you can find online, as well as clothing rental companies. However, you could just start an exchange with friends. This can be for clothing items as well as accessories, allowing individuals of all sizes to participate.

Avoid Sales

It sounds counterintuitive, but sales actually cause you to spend more. You buy things you would never pay retail for just because you think it is a good deal. If it isn’t worth paying full price for it, it isn’t worth it at 50%, either.

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May 13, 2016

6 Tips to Keep Your Clothing Budget in Check

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