Do you use sites with free fonts when you make your graphics? When you look at stunning graphics you find online, what is the one thing that really sets the apart from what you can do with the items native to your software programs? It is the fonts that they use. Unlike those that come with your programs, these fonts are always eye-catching and fabulous.

5 Sites with Free Fonts for Your Graphics

5 Sites with Free Fonts for Your Graphics

But if you are just getting started with your designs, you probably aren’t looking to shell out tons of money just to have access to attractive letters. To help you out, check out the seven sites below that offer free fonts you can use in your graphics.

Font Space

With nearly 30,000 different fonts that you can access without paying a dime, this site is a tool you need to keep in your toolbox. While their popular fonts do look great, we really like the random features that makes it easy to find something that looks great but isn’t so common.

The League of Moveable Type

The contributors to this site are a little brash in their content, but their fonts are top-notch. If you are looking for letters that are true art, this is the site to go to. While they do not add new fonts as frequently as other sites, those they have are incredible.

Font Fabric

Not all the fonts here are free, but they do have a sizeable selection that you can use without paying. These fonts are pretty high quality, though they do not exhibit the same artistry as those found at the League. However, they will still improve the quality of your graphics.

Lost Type

This site is a collaborative digital type foundry. If you are looking to use the fonts for a commercial purpose, you do need to pay, but if you are using them for personal purposes, you pay whatever you wish. The quality of these fonts is similar to that offered by the League, but with more variety.


In terms of variety, you cannot beat the selection at DaFont. However, not everything is at the highest quality. Yes, you will need to browse quite a bit, but you will come away with true treasures. Definitely keep this site handy.

Is there a site you use for fonts that isn’t listed here? Share it with us in the comments.

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May 16, 2016

5 Sites with Free Fonts for Your Graphics

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