Do you know how to stay connected while working at home? Before you start working from home, everything sounds like it will be sunshine and roses. No more commuting, no more ugly work-casual clothes, and no more annoying co-workers. Once you actually start working from home, the truth comes out.

How to Stay Connected When You Are at Home

How to Stay Connected When You Are at Home

No, working from home isn’t terrible. In fact, it really is pretty great. But what many people neglect to consider is the loneliness factor.

Think about it: Where have you met most of the friends that you have? If you are lucky, you still have some left over from school, and most of us have a handful of friends from university we keep in touch with. But in our adult lives, work is the number one place we make our friends.

But this doesn’t have to mean that you are going to be friendless while you work from home. There are ways you can stay connected. Below are just a few ideas you can use to maintain that connection.

Reach Out to Other Online Workers

If you are working remotely for a company, this might mean conference video chats with your co-workers. In fact, you might even keep up an ongoing video chat throughout the work day so you can talk and bounce ideas. However, if you are more of a freelancer, then you might need to seek out online groups to connect with others like yourself. This can be a good way to find someone you can schedule virtual coffee breaks with.

Treat Yourself

One of the benefits to working from home is that your schedule is generally flexible. Take advantage of this so that you can get out of the house to treat yourself. This could be as simple as grabbing a coffee, or it might mean getting a manicure or pedicure. Just try to get out of the house and in a place where you can enjoy a little conversation.

Seek Out Other Social Situations

If you cannot socialize at work, just socialize somewhere else. If you attend church, get more involved. Seek our clubs and classes. Get involved in parenting groups. There are many opportunities out there, but you will need to work a little harder to enjoy them.

How do you stay connected when working from home? We would love to hear your ideas.

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May 18, 2016

How to Stay Connected When You Are at Home

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