Trying to cut costs? Aren’t we all. But there are some costs that are quite difficult to cut. For those of us who work from home, the internet is one of them. Sure, you could just get rid of it to save money, but then you wouldn’t be making any money, would you? But that doesn’t mean you are stuck paying your current rate. Today I’m sharing how to save money on internet costs.

How to Save Money on Internet Costs

How to Save Money on Internet Costs

Group Your Services

If you have television service and/or a phone line, you can save money by grouping these together. This might mean changing providers so you can find one that offers all the services you need, but when you do, you should find that your monthly bill drops significantly.

Or Go Internet Only

Another option is to switch to only having internet. Do you really watch TV, or do you Netflix? And how often do you use your home phone? If you can eliminate the other services, do so. This could cut your bill in half.

Opt for Basic Packages

Your ability to do this may depend on your job, but if you can switch to basic service, it should save you a significant amount of money. And if you do have other services, going basic there should save you quite a bit as well, assuming you cannot give them up.

Shop Around—and Let Them Know

Not happy with your current provider, let them know. You might be amazed by how far they are willing to go to try and make you happy so they can keep your business. Get some offers from other providers so you can use real numbers to back you up and see if they aren’t open to a little negotiation.

Use Public Connections

This might seem a little desperate, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you are in a situation where you cannot afford your internet connection any longer, consider using public connections, such as those at coffee shops or your local library. It isn’t a long term solution, but it might help when in a bind.

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May 23, 2016

How to Save Money on Internet Costs

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