Giving children the chance to see the world and experience other cultures is a true gift. But if you have never traveled internationally with children before, you might be worried that it will be too much to handle. In truth, it isn’t all that different from traveling within the country, aside from some extra paperwork and a longer plane ride. Below are our top tips for flying internationally with children.

Tips for Flying Internationally with Kids

Tips for Flying Internationally with Kids

Check What Paperwork You Need

There are rules that govern who can take children into and out of countries, and these rules can vary from nation to nation. This means that you need to know exactly what paperwork you need for your children when entering or exiting any of the countries you have on your itinerary. In general, they will be looking to prove that you are a custodial parent and that you have the permission of the other parent should you be traveling without him or her. Sometimes this permission must be a specific government form, not just a letter, so do your homework.

Pack a Carryon with Enough for Two Days

With plane travel, it is always a risk that your bags will be lost, and if you have connections, the risk becomes even greater. The last thing you want is to be in a foreign country without anything your child needs and depends on, so make sure your carryons have enough supplies to get through two days, and include anything that your child is particularly attached to, like a favorite stuffed animal. However, we do not recommend letting your child get it out until you are at the hotel.

Use Personal Items for the Games

Your carryons should be filled with the supplies for those two days, so use your personal items to carry the games and other distractions. These go under the seat, which means everything will be accessible throughout the flight.

Get the Snacks Behind Secure Lines

And since you probably won’t have room for snacks, but will definitely want them, you should grab them once you are already behind the secure lines. Yes, you will pay more, but you need the room in your bags. This way, you can pack as much as possible while still ensuring no one gets hungry during the trip.

Forget the Early Boarding

Yes, you can get on the plane before most others since you are traveling with kids. But do you want to? Sure, it gives you time to get settled, but that really doesn’t take that long. Really, all you are doing is making the kids spend more time on the plane. Rather than extending your time, minimize it by waiting until it is the last call to get on the plane.

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May 27, 2016

Tips for Flying Internationally with Kids

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