Camping might seem like the perfect way to keep the kids busy. But even if your kids love the great outdoors, chances are they are going to run out of ideas at some point. And if your kid is at the stage where he or she is more enthralled by playing on a tablet than climbing a tree, you may be in for a very uphill battle.

How to Keep the Kids Busy When Camping

How to Keep the Kids Busy When Camping

However, that isn’t to say that you should skip the camping and enjoy the couch. But it does mean you need to think about ways to keep the kids happy and engaged. Below are just a few ideas for keeping the kids busy when camping.

Give Chores

A busy mind is never bored. Unlike chores at home, chores when camping are unique, which makes them fun. Be sure your kids always have tasks to start their day, some at midday, and then another set at night.

Create Competitions

If you take the right approach, this doesn’t have to end in tears. Design these challenges so each child can win by tailoring them to their unique strengths. The goal is to have competitive fun and feel good about what they can do.

Climb Trees

Seriously, get them to enjoy being outside. Climbing trees is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities there is thanks to the combination of physical challenge and low-grade risk. And don’t be afraid to join them in the fun.

Involve Them in Meal Time

You can even get them excited about it in advance by taking a campfire cooking class. Many local cooking schools and community colleges offer these classes as summer draws near. Be sure to pick up the right equipment—particularly a cast iron Dutch oven, so you can make the most of it.

Do you go camping with your kids? Tell us about their favorite activities.

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June 3, 2016

How to Keep the Kids Busy When Camping

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