What about using hashtags on Instagram? Hashtags have become a big part of using social media, no matter what platform you are on. However, there is no platform where they play a more important role than they do on Instagram. Unlike other platforms, hashtags are one of the only ways you can really get noticed on Instagram and pull in new followers.

Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

However, hashtags aren’t something you should just jump into using without learning a little about the best ways to utilize them. At best, they will end up being ineffective. At worst, they will end up embarrassing you (see the Susan Boyle hashtag for her album party). If you have a bit of a learning curve to overcome, so not worry. Keep the following tips for using hashtags on Instagram in mind so you can make the most of this aspect of social media.

Use Popular Hashtags

There are numerous websites that track the most popular hashtags on Instagram for specific niches, and Instagram itself tracks the most popular hashtags overall. The more popular a tag is, the more people you can expect to be browsing posts with that specific hashtag. At the same time, the most popular hashtags will also have so many posts, yours could get lost. The best idea is to pick those that related to your content so your post stands out, and also to target those that are popular, but not the most popular.

Don’t Go Too Crazy.

Unlike other social media platforms, it is okay to go beyond 1-3 hashtags on Instagram. However, all things in moderation. If you are going to use more hashtags, still keep it around 5-7 at the most, and the more hashtags you use, the longer your description should be. Try to get a visual balance between the two so that you have both hashtags to get readers and meaningful content to keep them.

Proof and Examine Your Hashtags

A spelling error in your hashtag both renders it useless and makes you look foolish. And as for examining your hashtags, really think about all the ways they could be read wrong. First, a hashtag adds another layer of meaning to your post, and you want to be sure it is supporting your message completely. Then there is the fact that what you see might not be what the audience sees. Remember the Susan Boyle hashtag referenced above? It was #susanalbumparty. Susan Album Party. But we all know what we see. Don’t let that happen to you.

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June 9, 2016

Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

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