Looking for outdoor activities to enjoy with the kids now that the weather is nice? You cannot beat gardening. It brings them close to nature, builds both fine and gross motor skills, and lets them get down and dirty. And as their plants grow, they will take such pride in what they have managed to do. Really, gardening with the kids is perfect.

4 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow in the Garden

4 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow in the Garden

Of course, deciding you will garden with the kids is just one step. The next is to decide what you will plant. You want plants that grow well despite some minor errors, and you want at least a few of them to grow quickly enough that your child will maintain interest. So, below are our picks for 4 easy plants for kids to grow in the garden.


While any flower is a great choice, sunflowers are excellent for two reasons. First, they grow so big and tall—and do so quickly—that children are just enthralled by them. Second, you can eat the seeds! Don’t go overboard, however, because sunflowers do require a lot of room. One or two will be plenty to please the kids.


Radishes may not be your child’s favorite item to eat, but they will be one of their favorites to grow. Like sunflowers, there are two reasons radishes are great. First, you can plant them close together, which lets you make the most of your garden. Second, they grow quickly, and are ready to harvest in just 20-30 days.

Cherry Tomatoes

These are the perfect way to get kids to love tomatoes, if they don’t already. They are also really fun to grow as you have to tie them to stakes and guide them as they grow bigger and bigger. They do require some patience, with a growing season of 50-75 days, but it is worth it.


Carrots are easy to plant and hearty when it comes to survival. They aren’t easy to watch since they grow in the ground, but you can tie them into bedtime stories and really pique your child’s interest. They take about 60 days to be ready, and then you can find all sorts of ways to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Do you have a favorite plant to use in the garden? Share your opinion with us!

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June 10, 2016

4 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow in the Garden

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