Writing a blog series can be a great way to establish yourself as an authority on a specific topic within your niche. However, for it to be successful, you need to take the right approach. Below are a few tips to help you write an excellent blog series.

Tips for Writing a Blog Series

Tips for Writing a Blog Series

Select a Topic

When selecting your topic, you need to make sure that whatever you choose is something that you can really get in-depth with. Think about the topics you have considered writing about before, but you knew you just couldn’t get it all into one blog posts. Those are the topics that are best suited for blog series.

Create an Outline

Break your topic down into important subtopics. Then, for each subtopic, figure out exactly what needs to be covered. This helps you see if making this a series is viable while also ensuring you cover everything needed.

Draft Your Posts

You will want to draft your posts before you start promoting your series to your readers. This is to ensure that you follow up on any promises made and that you are able to deliver the series in a timely manner.

Introduce the Series

This introduction should be a small preview post designed to get your readers excited about what is to come. Post this about a week before you start posting your series, and with each post in-between the preview and the start of the series, be sure to make a quick mention of it.

Within the Series

  • Start each post by reviewing the previous post: nothing big, just a sentence or two.
  • End each post by previewing the next post with a short teaser.
  • Post regularly until the series is complete.
  • Use a single graphic or related graphics to give the posts a sense of unity.
  • Interlink your posts, and if your series is large, consider giving it a central page.
  • Ensure a strong finish with your last post.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to create an excellent blog series.

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June 14, 2016

Tips for Writing a Blog Series

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