Wondering how to stay cool in the heat? The kids are out of school and the heat is on, and that means that it is summer—even if it isn’t officially so. If you work from home, chances are the heat is starting to get to you. Unlike large offices that are always kept at near-refrigerator temperatures, working from home means dealing with the heat and absorbing the cost of running your AC.

How to Stay Cool in the Heat When You Work from Home

How to Stay Cool in the Heat When You Work from Home

To help you stay comfortable while saving money, we have pulled together a few ways to stay cool when working from home. Read below and give them a try; we think you will be amazed by the difference.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

100% cotton is king, but there are other natural, breathable fabrics you can use. Opt for light colors and a looser fit to keep yourself cooler. If you don’t own any cotton clothes and don’t have a lot of money in your budget, you could check local thrift stores for a few, oversized t-shirts to get a similar, if not as fashionable, effect.

Use Fans Strategically

A big issue with using fans is they tend to feel like they are just blowing the hot air around the room. However, placing box fans in your windows facing the outside will pull the hot air out of the room. Then, if you set your ceiling fan to run counter-clockwise, it will draw the hot air up, leaving the cooler air down by you. Another fan-based tip? Place a milk jug of frozen water in front of a fan and let it blow the cold air around.

Close the Blinds

Keep the house cool by keeping the heat out. A lot of the heat you feel can be avoided simply by blocking the rays of the sun. If you find that too dark and repressing, play with the tilt of your blinds to allow some light in while still reducing the heat from the rays.

Drink Cool Drinks

Use insulated cups to help keep your drinks cool and keep your water in the refrigerator, even if you plan to add ice as well. The cooler, the better. However, another approach to this is the exact opposite: drink hot drinks. This approach is favored in very warm countries, such as India, as people find that raising your body temperature to be closer to the ambient temperature means you don’t feel as uncomfortable.

Open Your Windows

But do this at night, unless you have sash windows that open from both the top and bottom, in which case you should keep the top open all day and night. By letting the cool air in at night and closing up during the day, you control the temperature in your home without the need for any AC.

Use a Neck Cooler

There are all sorts of neck coolers on the market, and guides to make them yourself. This can really make a difference during the hottest months, and you can use them over and over again.

Did we miss a tip? Share it with us in the comments.

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June 15, 2016

How to Stay Cool in the Heat When You Work from Home

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