Trying to find ways to keep your toddler busy this summer without breaking the bank? Check out our list of 5 free places to take your toddler this summer. No matter where you are in the country, these 5 places should work for you.

5 Free Places to Take Your Toddler This Summer

5 Free Places to Take Your Toddler This Summer

Home Depot

No, we aren’t suggesting you let your toddler run wild down aisles of power tools. Home Depot hosts free toddler workshops at the majority of their US locations. These workshops focus on simple crafts that can be made with items right there in the store, such as birdhouses and planters. You and your child get to have fun, and you return home with something cool to show off.

Your Local Park

Plan a picnic, bring a ball, and make the most of it. Kids love getting outside and running around, so make the park part of your regular routine. And if you have plenty of local parks, make it a goal to visit one new park per week for the summer, until you run out of new places to go.

The Local Library

Not only is it free to visit, free to check out, and free to read while there, but most local libraries also host free events. Check their website for a schedule; chances are you will discover at least one toddler-friendly activity per week, if not more. You will probably find a few for yourself as well.

Outdoor Movies

You might be surprised by how many places host outdoor movies. Many local parks will have them, as well as some shopping malls and local businesses. This is a great way to enjoy a movie with your toddler without worrying about disturbing other viewers.

The Fire Department

No, don’t just drop in. However, many local fire departments will host free tours if you schedule in advance. Additionally, there are departments that host community events, including movie nights, that toddlers are more than welcome to be a part of.

Do you have a favorite free place to take your toddler? Tell us about it.

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June 17, 2016

5 Free Places to Take Your Toddler This Summer

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