Whatever your reasons, you have arrived at the point that you feel rebranding your website is the best decision you can make for your business. However, you might be a little lost as to how to get started. Below, we have some helpful tips for rebranding your website to help guide you as you make this transition.

Tips for Rebranding Your Website

Tips for Rebranding Your Website

Get a New Domain Name

The biggest thing you can do is change the name of your website, and that means changing the domain name. You want to come up with something that is searchable, but also doesn’t have a lot of competition. Target your domain name to a keyword that is essential to your niche.

Redirect from Your Old Domain

Retain your old domain for at least a half a year, if not longer. Set it up to automatically redirect to your new domain. This will ensure that old readers and customers can easily find you, even if they miss your publicizing the change in advance.

Don’t Erase the Past

Depending on your reason for rebranding, this might be tempting, but in the majority of cases, it is a mistake. Be sure to mention the old name in multiple spots on your site, as well as in press releases and blog posts for a while.

Modify Social Media

Remember: rebranding your website is just part of the process. You will also need to rebrand all of your social media as well. It is best to switch your current profiles rather than start new ones, as this lets you keep the followers you already have.

Update Emails and E-Signatures

This can be easy to forget, but you shouldn’t. Make the switch to your new brand name as you launch so everything can be seamless.

Have you rebranded your website before? Tell us about how you did it, and any tips you have for others. We love hearing from you.

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June 21, 2016

Tips for Rebranding Your Website

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