Do you know the benefits of using Facebook Live? With each new social media outlet or element that emerges, bloggers must learn how to adapt to them. Facebook Live is no exception. This relatively new element of Facebook has proven to be a bit challenging for bloggers to make use of. However, if you are wondering if it is really worth it to learn more about Facebook Live, allow us to convince you.

Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Your Blog

Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Your Blog

You Can Drum Up Excitement

The “live” in Facebook Lives might make you feel like it should be spontaneous, but the truth is that your videos will be much more effective if you promote them in advance. Starting a few days before, post about the upcoming live segment you are going to host. This gets your audience excited about it and increases their engagement with you.

You Can Spend More Time with Your Audience

When you post a regular video, people will lose interest by five minutes. But with Facebook Live, the interaction and live element mean that people are willing to stay tuned for longer. You can easily spend 20 minutes with a Facebook Live segment, getting more airtime than you would if you were a guest on a morning talk show.

You Can Directly Interact with Your Audience

Part of what makes Facebook Live so great is that your followers can interact with you as you broadcast your segment to the world. Unlike when things go live on Twitter, there are ways you can control what happens, allowing you to steer the direction of your event. This allows your audience to really connect with you while you build your brand.

You Can Still Follow Up After the Event

Facebook Live offers a replay feature, which means that your followers can still view it even after it is over. Keep tabs on the comments so you can keep interacting with your followers, and consider scheduling a second, smaller Facebook Live event at a different time so those who could not make the first can make the second.

Have you used Facebook Live as a blogger? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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July 5, 2016

Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Your Blog

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