School is out for summer, and that means it is all on you to keep the kids busy. To help, we have 5 fun home art activities to keep the kids busy. These activities are targeted towards toddlers, but they can be fun for kids of all ages. Read below and get inspired.

5 Home Art Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

5 Home Art Activities to Keep the Kids Busy


Get a big piece of paper, such as butcher paper from an art supply or teacher store. Lay it on the floor and have your child lay on top of it. Then, trace the outline of your child’s body. Once done, your child can color in their self-portrait. If you want to take it further, you can cut them out and display them. While younger toddlers may not be able to draw facial features, they will still have fun coloring.

Glue Doodle

Using a bottle of glue, create a design on paper, a box, or whatever surface you like. Be sure that it comes out thick enough to not dry immediately, but thin enough that it won’t be wet hours water. Once the doodling part is done, use sand, dirt, glitter, and more to dust on top of the glue, creating a little masterpiece.

Ziploc Color Mixing

Put two different colors of paint inside of a Ziploc bag and close it up. Then, push it around inside so the colors mix. This is a fun way to “paint” without making a mess, and your child will learn more about how colors are made.

Spray Paint

No, you don’t need to give your toddler spray paint cans. Instead, use water and food coloring and put it inside of a spray bottle. Prepare as many colors as you like and spray them onto a large sheet of paper. This is certainly an outdoor activity, but it one that is plenty of fun.

Stained Glass

All you need for this one is some tissue paper, wax paper, liquid starch, paintbrushes, and contact paper. With these supplies, you can make stained glass windows that are easy to remove when needed.

Does your child have a favorite art activity? Tell us all about it.

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July 6, 2016

5 Home Art Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

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