Have you considered how to manage multiple blogs? If you can successfully run one blog for a profit, can you manage multiple ones at the same time? It is something that many bloggers do, but many have failed trying. And that might leave you wondering what the secret to success really is.

How to Manage Multiple Blogs

How to Manage Multiple Blogs

In truth, there is no secret, but there are right and wrong approaches. Below are some tips on how to manage multiple blogs so you can achieve success.

Outsource What You Can

There are a lot of tasks related to blogging that you can easily outsource to others. Think social media posts, proofreading, scheduling, and commenting. You can even outsource the writing of your posts, but be sure to review them and make sure they fit with your tone. The goal is to only take care of the most vital tasks so you have plenty of time to dedicate to multiple blogs.

Keep Your Topics Tight

Another key to successful managing more than one blog is to keep your topics tight. Rather than having a single blog that covers many topics, you will have multiple blogs covering specific topics. The tighter you keep the focus, the easier it will be to create content and ensure you are not repeating yourself from blog to blog.

Make a Blog Plan

A big part of staying on track is to plan ahead. Try to plan all of your posts at least a month in advance. This ensures that you will never struggle to come up with an idea the day you need to post and that you can create interesting themes for each of your blogs.

Stick to a Schedule

You don’t want to be bouncing between blogs. Instead, dedicate specific times to each. Work on one in the morning and another in the afternoon, or give each blog its own day where you primarily focus on it. Just be sure you never neglect your blogs, because your readers are counting on you.

Do you manage more than one blog? What are some tricks you use to keep everything on track?

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July 7, 2016

How to Manage Multiple Blogs

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