Are you looking for the best sites to resell your toddler’s clothes? Hand-me-downs are great, but sometimes you really just need the room—or the money—that selling your toddler’s clothes will give you. While there are no doubt plenty of consignment shops in your area, it would be easier for many to just sell their toddler’s clothes online. As interest in consignment shopping grows, so does the amount of resale shops online. Below are some of the best sites to resell your toddler’s clothes online.

Best Sites to Resell Your Toddler’s Clothes

Best Sites to Resell Your Toddler’s Clothes

Little Sprouts

If you only purchase the best for your little one, Little Sprouts is the place to sell it. This site specializes in upscale children’s clothing and is very specific about which brands they will and will not accept. They also only take items that have been purchased in the last three years. However, if your child’s clothing qualifies, you can make quite a bit of money from this site.


Swap is the largest, online consignment store. At the moment, they are not accepting new items because they have become inundated with items. However, they have expanded their team and their space and are on track to start accepting items again on September 1st. If you can wait, it is a great opportunity. They will take most any brand and even allow you to sell your baby gear in addition to clothes.


This is another site that allows you to sell most any children’s clothing, as long as you are honest in your descriptions. What helps it stand out from other consignment sites is that you can do all your selling from their app. This makes it much easier for most of us who take our product photos using our mobile devices. Just snap your photo, write your description, select your price, and post your listing. It is that easy.

Do you have a favorite online resale shop that you use? We would love to hear about it.

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July 11, 2016

Best Sites to Resell Your Toddler’s Clothes

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