Do you know how to handle rejection as a freelance writer? Rejection is a part of being a writer; there really is no avoiding it. Even the very best writers have stories about facing rejection after rejection before they were finally able to land the gig or deal that made them famous. But knowing that all writer must deal with it doesn’t make it any easier in the moment.

How to Handle Rejection as a Freelance Writer

How to Handle Rejection as a Freelance Writer

“Thank you for your pitch. However …”

Without even finishing the email or letter, you know. And you get that sinking feeling in your gut. Even if you have dealt with rejection before, it still manages to be fresh every time. But there are ways you can handle rejection as a freelance writer that will help you grow rather than devastate you. Read below to learn more.

Ask for Feedback

Most rejection letter or emails do not really detail why you were rejected. In fact, most freelance writers would agree that there is one reason that is almost universally given: not a good fit. But what does that even mean? Not much. What you need to improve yourself is specific feedback.

Will you get it if you ask for it? Not always, but sometimes you will. And that direct and honest feedback can be key to improving yourself as a writer and getting more acceptance letters than rejection letters.

Exchange Critiques

Not getting a clear response from the client? Turn to other freelancers. You might be surprised at how easy it is for others to see where you are going wrong. And this works both ways; the person who can clearly see your errors likely cannot see their own. Join freelance writing communities and start working towards building your relationships so you can participate in these exchanges and grow as a writer.

Don’t Take it Personally

Not a good fit: it doesn’t say much, but there is a truth in it. And that truth is that you won’t be a good fit for every job or publication. This doesn’t mean you lack talent or creativity; it just means that this one wasn’t right for you. If you find yourself struggling with this part, start researching Growth Mindset and reframe the way you see your abilities as a writer.

How do you handle rejection? Share some tips with us and help your fellow freelance writers navigate this difficult aspect of the job.

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July 12, 2016

How to Handle Rejection as a Freelance Writer

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