Ready to monetize your blog? Then using affiliate links is going to be part of your plan. While many feel overwhelmed by the idea, the truth is that using affiliate links is pretty simple. Yes, you can do it wrong, but our tips should help steer you in the right direction. Read below for out top tips for using affiliate links on your blog.

Tips for Using Affiliate Links on Your Blog

Tips for Using Affiliate Links on Your Blog

Use a Relevant Service

Affiliate ads pay you per action taken by readers. In simple terms, if they click, you get paid. The hard part is getting your readers to click on the links. However, if you select a relevant service, your readers will explore your affiliate links without a problem. Search for services that closely relate to the content you create. If you cannot find something that seems like the right fit, think about other things that would interest your target audience.

Consider an Affiliate Aggregator Service

Is your blog too broad to be able to select a single, relevant service? Then use an affiliate aggregator service. These services base their links on the exact content on a page. So, if you are writing about children’s clothing, there will be ads for clothing stores. If you are writing about gardening, there will be links to places that sell gardening tools. It handles the customization for you.

Don’t Go Crazy

Your readers need to trust you, and if they feel like they are nothing but dollar signs to you, they will leave, and they won’t come back. Keep the majority of your content ad-free, and when you include affiliate links in your content, be honest with your readers about what they are and how they benefit you. A simple note before the link will suffice. No one wants to feel like they are being deceived.

Give Personal Recommendations

The best way to ensure your readers do not feel deceived is to be genuine. Only recommend products that you would actually use and that you actually believe in. If something resonates with you, it will likely resonate with your readers.

Do you have additional tips for using affiliate links on blogs? Share them with us.

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July 14, 2016

Tips for Using Affiliate Links on Your Blog

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