Have you been wondering how to recycle old technology? What do you do with old technology once it no longer works or has outlived its purpose? You might think you can just throw it away, but that is bad for the environment, and illegal in many areas. This means that you need to seek out specific places where you can take your old technology for it to be recycled.

3 Places You Can Recycle Old Technology

3 Places You Can Recycle Old Technology

Many communities host technology recycling days, but these are often only a few times per year. If you have a more immediate need to get your old devices off your hands, there are some very convenient ways to do so. Below are 5 places you can recycle old technology, no matter where you are in the United States.

Best Buy

This store is everywhere, and it has what many consider to be the best technology-recycling program. While they do limit what they will take, they take more than most any other program in the country. Most of the items they accept can be dropped off in store, and they even have recycling kiosks right by the doors for small items. If you have something in need of recycling that is too large to bring into the store, you can arrange for it to be picked up at your home. They even take old kitchen appliances.


Not only will Staples take unwanted items off your hands, they will also give you Staples Rewards for them. For technology that isn’t too out of date, they have a trade-in service where you can give them your device and get Staples eCash Cards in return. They do not take as many items as Best Buy, and they are not open to larger items, like appliances. It is a good idea to call ahead to ensure they have not already taken in too many items that day, as most of their stores have a limit on daily collection.

Office Depot

This option isn’t free, but it is quick and easy. You purchase a Tech Recycling Box in store and fill it with as much as will fit with the lid closed. You bring it to the store, unsealed, and they will inspect and ship it off to the correct partners. There are some items they will not accept, and you should check their website for details to ensure you aren’t bringing in anything they do not work with.

So go ahead and get to cleaning up your tech junk; there is a location near you that is ready to help.

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July 19, 2016

3 Places You Can Recycle Old Technology

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