Are you thinking about working on vacation? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people simply cannot take time off from work, so they must take their work with them. However, you need to approach this correctly otherwise, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Below are our top 6 tips for working on vacation.

6 Tips for Working on Vacation

6 Tips for Working on Vacation

If it Isn’t Necessary, Don’t Do It

You deserve a real vacation; you know you do. So if there is any way around working on your vacation, do that instead. Yes, not checking in might feel stressful on its own at first, but as the days go by, you will relax more and more, eventually enjoying your vacation the way you are meant to.

Do the Minimum

If working while on vacation is necessary, trim down your tasks to the bare minimum. While doing as little as possible at work is generally frowned upon, it is precisely what you should be doing while on vacation. If possible, stick to just replying to important emails, freeing up the vast majority of your time for fun, family, and relaxation.

Cover Your Internet Access

If working while on vacation is vital, you need to ensure you have the means to do it. While your hotel may advertise Wi-Fi service, anyone who travels knows it is often less than ideal. If your phone can be used as an access point, make sure you have enough data to cover your work. You can also rent access points and load them with the amount of credit you think you will need to get your work done.

Set Your Hours

If you are worried you are going to overwork yourself, set specific hours in which you are allowed to work—including responding to emails. Pick hours that are less likely to conflict with enjoying your trip, such as early morning hours and perhaps an hour in the afternoon when others might like to catch a nap. Whatever happens, do not allow yourself to work outside of these set hours. No emails. No phone calls. No work at all.

Have you worked through a vacation before? Tell us how you balanced work with fun.

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July 20, 2016

6 Tips for Working on Vacation

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