If you travel often—or at all, really—then you know how difficult it can be to keep your mobile devices charged when traveling. There never seems to be an outlet around when you need it, and you are constantly using your devices. From photos to reviews to using maps to find your way around, your mobile devices are vital. So, what are the best ways to charge mobile devices while traveling?

Best Ways to Charge Mobile Devices While Traveling

Best Ways to Charge Mobile Devices While Traveling

Have AC and DC Chargers on Hand

This is big when you are in cars or on planes. Yes, more and more planes have AC power, but plenty still rely on DC—especially budget airlines. It is best to have both on hand at all times, making it easy for you to access power when needed. However, you might not be able to find these at your local store. Search online and order in advance so you aren’t left scrambling before your trip.

Carry a Backup Power Source

There are plenty of battery-powered chargers that you can carry with you to get some juice when needed. Some of these are as small as a lipstick case, so they are not clunky to lug around wherever you go. Just be sure to have extra batteries on hand if you plan to use this backup power source frequently. Also, check to see if it is compatible with all of your devices; you may need to purchase an adapter for it to work with every type of device you are carrying with you.

Keep a Power Strip with You

This is key for airports, hotels, and hostels. There are never enough outlets, which means you either get lucky enough to claim one or you find a way to share. Carrying a simple, affordable power strip means that everyone gets the power they need without a battle or a wait.

Do you have other ideas for staying charged while traveling? Share them with us!

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July 28, 2016

Best Ways to Charge Mobile Devices While Traveling

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