Many people think that you are either born creative or you aren’t. In truth, we are all born with a creative spark, but not everyone has their creativity fostered early in life. If you want your child to become a creative, dynamic thinker, you need to encourage their innate creativity. Below are just a few ways you can encourage creativity in your child.

How to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

How to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

Provide the Resources

But don’t guide them. Give your child items he or she can be creative with and let go. Think cups, plates, paper, crayons, even items you might think of as trash. Avoid commercial items that are designed to direct kids’ thinking and instead allow them to choose their own path.

Create a Creative Atmosphere

Play music, bring the kids into the kitchen, create plays together, and more. Embrace the creativity that you want your child to have and infuse your home with it. Everything from the meals you cook to the décor on your walls should exude creativity.

Embrace the Arts

Go see a musical or play, attend children’s day at the art museum, and play at a sculpture park. The arts are what we associate with creativity, so embrace them in full. This not only exposes your child to creativity but also gives your child role models.

Avoid Rewarding Creativity

This might sounds strange, but the idea is to treat creativity like it is normal. You discuss, you praise it, but rewards are not needed. Instead, it is just a natural part of who we all are. Plus, it is always better when children are intrinsically motivated to do something rather than being driven by rewards.

Process Over Product

This is big in education, and it is something you can apply at home. Basically, rather than worrying about what the final product will look like, enjoy the journey. We learn so much by doing, no matter what the final product looks like, so enjoy the process.

Are there specific strategies you use to encourage creativity in your child? Tell us about them!

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July 29, 2016

How to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

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