So, you wanted to be a blogger. Who knew that doing so would mean spending more time on social media than blogging? Luckily the is a lot of variation between the platforms, making it plenty of fun to bounce between them.

The Benefits of Using Tumblr

The Benefits of Using Tumblr

One platform that is underused by bloggers is Tumblr. It has long been seen as something of a fringe element, more for snark and nerds than bloggers. But in truth, there are benefits of using Tumblr as a blogger. Read below to learn more.

Boosts SEO

Many social media platforms do not allow their posts to show up in search engine results, but Tumblr isn’t one of them. Tumblr content is indexed by search engines, and that means that your posts there can help drive traffic back to your blog. You can also repost content and that can drive SEO as well. When compared to other social media platforms, it does significantly more in terms of tempting new readers.

Custom Domain Name

Tumblr allows users to create a customized domain name for their Tumblr blog. This helps a lot with branding, and even allows you to use Tumblr as your primary blog, if you like. However, as it is a microblogging site, most serious bloggers will want to use it as a supplementary element, not as their primary blog.

Ready for Mobile

Tumblr is designed with mobile users in mind. You do not need to do anything special for your content to be readable on phones or tablets. If your main blog is not best read on mobile devices, this can be a big benefit.

Functions with Google Analytics

Many social media platforms use their own analytics and do not function with Google Analytics. Tumblr, however, does. This helps you get a clear picture of your traffic and readers, and it keeps everything in one place, making it much easier for you to use.

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August 4, 2016

The Benefits of Using Tumblr

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