Ready to jump into Facebook Live? Allow us to help! Facebook Live is still new enough that most people aren’t quite sure how to use it. With our tips for making a Facebook Live video, you should be comfortable with this new element of social media in no time.

Tips for Making a Facebook Live Video

Start by Planning

While it can be a good thing for Facebook Live videos to feel spontaneous to your audience, it generally isn’t a good idea for them to actually be spontaneous. You need to go into your streaming with a plan. And the more detailed the plan, the better. Outline as much as you can in advance and really think about what your end goal is along the way, tailoring your ideas to it.

Promote in Advance

Without promotion, your first few minutes—or more—of your Facebook Live video will be little more than filler while you wait for viewers to notice your video and start watching. With promotion, your audience will be waiting for you while still allowing others to join in spontaneously.

Check Your Signal

You are going to be streaming live, and you do not want to risk any downtime. To ensure everything goes smoothly, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection before you begin. The closer to your router, the better. And if you are out and about, use a 4G connection in an area with strong signal.

Aim for Visual Interest

Right now, Facebook Live videos are pretty boring when it comes to visuals. In general, they are people talking in front of a plain background. To engage your viewers and stand out from the rest, change things up. The easiest way to do this is opt for a better background. Another option is to create a set, similar to a talk show, that is well designed and consistent, helping viewers spot you as they scroll.

Do you use Facebook Live? What tips would you give newbies to help them get started?

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August 11, 2016

Tips for Making a Facebook Live Video

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