Whether you work after the kids get home from school or you have kids with you all day long, you are going to need creative ways to keep them occupied while you take care of the tasks at hand. And since kids love making things, creative art projects your child can do at your desk are the ideal way to keep everything going smoothly.

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5 Creative Art Projects Your Child Can Do at Your Desk

Of course, there aren’t too many art projects that are desk safe, so we are here to help you get inspired. Below are 5 creative arts projects your child can do at your desk.


Things do not need to get too messy when creating collages. All you need are different types of paper or objects, such as feathers, and glue sticks. If you want, you can add markers and crayons to the mix. While things will get a little messy, there is no paint or water to destroy your laptop, and you can keep the glitter locked away.

Sock Puppets

For this project, you do not need anything more than an old, white sock and some markers. Allow your child to color the sock and create their special sock puppet. If you wish, you can always take a break when this is done to add some googly eyes and other accents, but they aren’t required.

Ziploc Painting

If you have electronics at your desk—and we know you do—it is a good idea to seal the bag with duct tape as extra backup. However, the concept behind this is simple: squirt various paint colors in a Ziploc bag, seal, and let the kids push the colors around to blend and create pictures. This is particularly well-suited to smaller children.


For older children, creating stories can be a great way to go. If your child cannot write words, he or she can still draw pictures and tell you the story. If you are good at multi-tasking, this can be a great, creative way to keep the kids occupied.

Make Music

While physical instruments might be a little distracting, there are music studio apps, such as Tok n’ Roll, that allow your child to compose music with multiple instruments, layering tracks, and adding in their voice. It might take some tuning out for you to get your work done, but this is an activity that can keep children busy for hours.

Do you have a project kids can do at your desk while you work? Tell us about it!

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August 17, 2016

5 Creative Art Projects Your Child Can Do at Your Desk

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