“It is great. I love it.”

“Terrible. Don’t buy it.”

Need a few tips for writing a good Amazon review? It seems like half the reviews on Amazon are some variation of the above. They let the buyer give their opinion, but it does nothing to help the seller or other potential buyers. In essence, the only helpful aspect of these reviews are their star ratings.

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Tips for Writing a Good Amazon Review

You don’t want to be one of these reviewers. First of all, you want to help others. Second, good reviews get noticed, and you can end up being given products so you can review them if your reviews are thorough and helpful. Not sure how to accomplish this? Read our tips for writing a good Amazon review below.

Ask Yourself What Really Matters

Many products have plenty of awesome features that buyers almost never use. Rather than listing the specs in your review, talk about the features that really mattered to you as the buyer. Get into what about them worked for you and what didn’t, giving clear examples when possible.

Don’t Be Afraid to Offer Criticism

Even if you love a product, your criticisms can help other buyers in guiding their purchases and also give the company vital feedback when it comes to designing the next generation of their product. You can pepper this throughout the review or give a list of pros and cons at the end.

Keep the Length in the Middle

You aren’t writing an essay, or even a blog post, and no one wants to read that when researching a product on Amazon. At the same time, if you keep it to just a few sentences, you aren’t offering anything useful. For a good review that people won’t scroll by, aim for about 200-250 words.


At the end of your review, toss in a quick, one-sentence summary. This should make it easy for those who will scroll no matter what to still benefit from your review while making it clear to the seller what your opinion is.

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August 18, 2016

Tips for Writing a Good Amazon Review

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