Whether your child has already completed some preschool or is about to start his or her first year, encouraging learning at home is important. However, if you aren’t a teacher yourself, you might be struggling to get inspired and create games to help your child learn. Have to fear: We are here to help. Below are 5 learning games your preschooler will enjoy and are easy for you to pull together.

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5 Learning Games Your Preschooler Will Enjoy

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Many preschool activities focus on things like colors, letters, and numbers, but there is so much more to learn. Not to mention that by selecting something else as the primary learning focus, colors, letters, numbers, and more can still be the secondary learning focus. This nature scavenger hunt is the perfect way to combine everything while keeping your child engaged. You can collect the items on this list or just snap photos.

Swat It

This game is very easy to customize and make it feel brand new to your child. Even the link has three different ways to play. The basic concept is simple: you give your child a flyswatter and he or she hits the item on cue. This can be a letter you call out, or a number, or a shape. You can even do matching as shown in the link. There are endless variables for this game.

Word Hunt

If your child is learning sight words, this is a great way to go. Print out a sheet with words inside squares, each square being roughly the size of a post-it note. Then, put those words on post-it notes and place them around the house. As you find the words, you stick them on the paper over the word you found.

Sing Silly Songs

Multiple studies have shown the incredible impact music has on literacy. Embrace this by singing silly songs with your child. These songs can relate directly to academic concepts or just be a way of expanding your child’s language skills. No matter what, they will be fun and educational.

Learn Words and Names with Cars

While this activity focuses on helping your child learn his or her name, it will also work with sight words. Just tape letters to the tops of cars and line them up correctly before you race them. This is a good way to get your child interested if he or she adores racing cars.

Is there a learning game your preschooler adores? We would love to hear about it.

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August 19, 2016

5 Learning Games Your Preschooler Will Enjoy

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