Every blogger seems to offer eBooks for sale. And while many are offering them, few are actually getting people to buy them. They figure they are already writers, so writing and selling an eBook should be easy.

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Tips for Selling eBooks on Your Blog

While it isn’t impossible, it also isn’t something you can just turn on autopilot and get through. Creating a successful eBook takes some planning on your part. Below are some of our favorite tips for selling eBooks on your blog.

Focus on Promotion

In order to get people to buy your eBook, you need to get them thinking about it. However, this is easy to get wrong. Many bloggers use their email list to repeatedly promote their book, which only results in readers unsubscribing. Instead, spread out your efforts. Do a little by email, and little on your blog, and a little on your social media profiles. You want to keep it out there without overwhelming anyone.

Price it Right

One of the great things about eBooks is that they cost less than print books. And that means that you need to price your eBook so it still appeals to the thrifty side of your readers. This means that the price paid should be low enough that your readers could skip a cup of coffee or two and purchase it.

Make it Relevant

Your readers come to you for a reason, usually that you cover topics they are interested in. So, if you want them to buy your book, you need to make sure the topic ties in with what you already write about. At the same time, you need it to be different enough that your readers aren’t wondering why they would pay when they already get the content for free.

Keep it Short

First, your readers don’t want anything too long. Second, this makes it easy for you to break up the content over multiple eBooks, earning more money. Most eBooks are between 4,000 and 10,000 words, so do not set out for a novel-length book.

Do you have tips for selling eBooks on blogs? We would love to hear them!

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August 22, 2016

Tips for Selling eBooks on Your Blog

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