Whether you started your blog for fun or with the intent to make it a source of income, making money off your blog is a very big plus. However, not every blog is a good candidate for monetizing. If you are wondering if it is time for you, allow us to help. Below are key signs that it is time to monetize your blog.

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When Should You Monetize Your Blog?

You Have Plenty of Quality Content

To make money from your blog, there needs to be quality content bringing in readers. Even if you do not have tons of regular readers yet, if you have quality content and plenty of it, the readers will come with the help of a little marketing. So, with or without a large readership, focus on this.

You Have Traffic or a Plan to Build It

As noted above, having the readership isn’t as important as having the content. But, if you don’t have a following yet, you need to have a plan to build it. Once you have this in place, you might be ready to take the steps to monetize your blog.

You Have Settled Into a Niche

This is important when it comes to monetizing since you want to be able to promote products that your audience will be interested in. Your niche doesn’t need to be overly specific, but having one is vital to controlling your marketing.

You Have Something Special

Why should readers come to you over the other bloggers in your niche? This is a question that gets at something imperative to your success: your special something. Being another mommy blogger in a sea of mommy bloggers isn’t going to drive traffic or generate clicks. You need that certain something that helps the readers see that you are unique.

Do you meet the above criteria? Then you are ready to monetize your blog!

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August 23, 2016

When Should You Monetize Your Blog?

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