Are you working from home and still working from 9 to 5? Then it might be time to make a change. While it isn’t possible to cut your hours with all jobs, many work-from-home options offer the flexibility you need to make this happen. All you need is the right approach. Below are some tips you can use to cut your hours when working from home.

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How to Cut Your Hours When Working at Home

Eliminate Distractions

We are all guilty of getting distracted and getting off track. But if you can eliminate distractions and hyper-focus on the tasks at hand, you will find that you can complete them in much less time. By eliminating distractions, you might even discover that getting your work done only takes about half the time it has been, allowing you to call it a day early.

Use Typing Tutors

If a large portion of your job involves typing, you could greatly benefit from learning to type faster. This is one area where the older members of the workforce have the upper hand, as most of them had typing lessons in school. If your computer classes were focused more on things like programming or graphic design, you could benefit from brushing up—and speeding up—your typing skills.

Take On Less Work

Easier said than done? In some cases, yes. In other cases, we take on more work to make more money that we don’t necessarily need. This is a decision where you really need to weight the pros and cons, but if a little less money for a little more time is a good trade-off for you, make the trade.

Target Peak Productivity

We all have hours where we work our best, and these may not be the hours you are already working. Figure out a way to block out your peak productivity hours so you can spend them hyper-focused on the tasks you need to complete. You will be surprised by what a difference this makes in terms of your speed and the quality of your work.

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August 24, 2016

How to Cut Your Hours When Working at Home

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