We all love a good art project, and we also love things that are free. By combining the two with upcycling art projects, you get some incredibly creative projects for you and your child to take on together. While there are thousands of ideas for upcycling art projects online, we have picked 5 of our favorites to share with you today.

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5 Upcycling Art Projects for Kids

Totem Pole

This is both an art project and a history lesson. You need little more than some plastic containers, some paint, and a way to hold the pole together. Take time to learn about the significance of totem poles before you begin so your child can create something with meaning to him or her.

Recycled Bead Art

From costume jewelry to Mardi Gras beads to old Christmas garland, most of us have some extra beads laying around the house that could be put to use in an art project. The project at the link above is pretty intricate and great for older children, but there are lots of options for children with various level of fine motor skills. Get your creative juices flowing!

Chihuly-Inspired Art

If you have ever been lucky enough to view Chihuly works in person, you know how majestic and breathtaking they are. If you haven’t been so lucky, you have an item to add to your bucket list. For the time being, however, you can create Chihuly-inspired art with your child using plastic bottles and paint. This project is both fun to make a great to display.

CD Art

Most of us have old CDs lying around that we no longer use thanks to MP3s and streaming services. Rather than letting them collect dust, put them to work in an art project. The link above contains two, cool ideas for turning old CDs into art, but there are plenty of other ideas available online.

Blackout Poetry

We understand if you are averse to taking pages out of books for this, but newspapers and magazines work just as well. Your child creates art over the page, leaving select words visible, creating a stunning poem. This is better for older children, but younger kids can also use it as a way of highlighting sight words they recognize.

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August 26, 2016

5 Upcycling Art Projects for Kids

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