While all banks now offer online banking, logging into a website isn’t always convenient to do. Not to mention that it doesn’t allow you to see all of your data and spending habits in a single place. Rather than using your browser and doing the math yourself, there are plenty of apps you can use to check your accounts and spending. Below are 3 apps you can use to monitor finances.

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3 Apps You Can Use to Monitor Finances


This money management app is one of the most popular on the market, and it is 100% free. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows, you can use it no matter what devices you have. Mint not only lets you see what you have in your account and your transactions, but it also categorizes them and provides you with graphs to help you better understand how you spend your money. And if you get paid in cash, you can also enter it and the items you pay for with it, ensuring you have an accurate understanding of your finances.

Good Budget

Are you looking to manage your finances without using plastic? Good Budget is perfect for creating a budget based on cash flow. It uses an envelopes system that is similar to what many people do to physically manage their cash. Seamlessly blending this old school method with modern technology, you can exercise a lot of control over how you set your budget. It also offers options for irregular income, making it a great app for freelancers.


BillGuard is about more than monitoring your spending; it is also about protecting your accounts. Using a swipe feature, you must verify all transactions, ensuring that you are well aware of any and all money flowing into or out of your accounts. It also helps you resolve any issues with transactions you do not recognize, giving you both the knowledge and power you need to keep your accounts safe.

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August 29, 2016

3 Apps You Can Use to Monitor Finances

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