Is cleanliness next to godliness? While that might be debatable, many studies have shown that having a tidy workspace does increase happiness and productivity. But if you aren’t a Martha Stewart, you might be wondering how you can make this happen.

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5 Things an Organized Office Should Have

Well, one of the first steps is having the items you need to facilitate better organization. Below are our picks for the 5 things an organized office should have.

A Physical Inbox

From receipts to files to random notes, chances are your office isn’t as paperless as you think it is. And all that paper is no doubt contributing to your clutter. The first step to organizing it is giving it a home where it can stay until you are ready to better organize it. However, if you let the paper sit in your physical inbox for too long, it will just become clutter itself.

A Trash Can

When you do start organizing your physical inbox, you need to have a trash can on hand to toss all of the junk mail and other items that aren’t important. In fact, when it comes to these items, you should skip the physical inbox all together and send them straight to the trash.

A File Cabinet

But what about those papers that you do need to keep? In those cases, you need to get them filed as soon as possible. Luckily, since going paperless is big, you should not expect to have tons of papers to keep around. A small file cabinet should serve you just fine.

A Schedule Board

If you prefer keeping it digital, a planning app works well too. But for those of us who need our schedule right in front of us, a schedule board is the way to go. Rather than opting for plain whiteboard, use a large picture frame, or multiple frames, with scrapbook paper inside.

A Charging Station

Even if you aren’t a tech-head, you likely have at least two devices you use throughout the day. To help manage the mess of wires, use a charging station to keep everything powered and in order. Not only does it make things more convenient, but it visually tidies the space to reduce your stress.

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September 1, 2016

5 Things an Organized Office Should Have

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